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Welcome at our website of the Honorary Consulate of the Lao People's Democratic Republic in Slovakia.

We provide consular support and other information about the Lao People's Democratic Republic and the Slovak Republic. Information on Laos, country, culture, nature, available languages, religion, population, political structure.

The people of Laos are honest, open, friendly and strong friends with a sense of courtesy and respect to the others.

Do you know what is respectful salute in Laos? It's called NOP. It is in setting the target value, as in praying, but not exceeding the height of the part of lips and not touching body. The higher the palm is placed, the higher the respect is shown. Nop can be seen with a slight bow to show respect for the elderly people. It also seems like a gesture to express regret, thanks, farewell. With people who come into contact with Europeans and people from other countries, we use usual shakehand as you do.

The holiest place on our body is head and that is the reason why we do not touch head. Feet are not cashier means that are part of the feet and because of that we can never point to others. Men and women will not show their emotions and demanded that it is forbidden a woman from touching a Buddhist monk.

Thank you very much for your time you spent by reading it, it is bit pleasure for us and we believe you like all information on the website.

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